Welcome to Parkmont School's Tech Support Wiki!


Who we are

  • We are a group of enthusiastic volunteers committed to provide free and efficient technical support and services to Parkmont Elementary School, Fremont, CA

Our Mission

  • To create a better educational environment in Parkmont Elementary School

  • To provide Parkmont teachers and staffs peace of mind in the technical areas, so that they are empowered to do their job freely and efficiently.

  • To provide timely and efficient classroom technical support, which include but not limited to:

    • Help Parkmont teachers and students with classroom equipments installation and maintenance. e.g. laptop, desktops, thin-clients, WiFi access, LCD projectors, printers, doc-camera projectors.

    • Help Parkmont teachers and students with computer software applications. e.g. Browser, Mail clients, Word processing, PowerPoints, Excel, Photo and Video applications.

  • To respond to Parkmont teacher and student's technical questions via our tech support mailing list

Technical reference page

Our Tech-support Mailing list

Team Lead's contact info

Peter Xie
Tel. 510-709-7531
(Parkmont teachers, please feel free to email, call or text me!)


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